A personal poem

I’m trying to namaste but all I want is rage and slay.

We need to make these fuckers pay for the mess they made today.

Starting with the orange bum who lives to die another day.

Ending with the mob of scum, peddling lies, hate, and cray.

You’re not entitled to y’er own “facts”, you stupid piece of human decay.

You followed don down a rabbit hole and it’s America you wound up betray.

There’re laws and there’s order and this is the order you must obey:

Go back to y’er hovels and stop y’er madness, y’all know you’ve gone astray.

Or else America will unleash upon you, ashes to ashes, à la Calais.



Ismail Elshareef

Ismail Elshareef

I think in stories, and sometimes I write them down.